ParaEngine - An OpenGL game engine framework for 2D games

Written in C++.

A framework that helps in the creation of physics capable 2D games with support for various image and audio file types.

Scripting support included.
Follows component based system of object management. 
Well optimized games in terms of binary size as well as in terms of performance can be achieved.

Games are easy to make as well as easy to maintain using this framework. 
Also supports addition of post processing effects. 

Scene system is also available which makes loading and unloading different scenes a breeze.

A lot of third party libraries went into the creation of this :
Box2D for physics, GLFW for windowing and input handling,
GLEW for openGL context creation,
LibYse for audio and ImGui for editor UI,
Chaiscript to added scripting capability.

Nora - Normal Map Editor

Wrtten in C++.

It's a normal map generator / editor tool.

Takes height map information which is usually gray scale ( Height map data ) and converts that data into normal map data which then can be further edited and exported. 

Also supports layering normal map data which can allow blending between multiple normal maps in a correct manner rather than just blending between them through an linear or overlay method.

It also has extensive preview capabilities that support PBR workflow.

Third paty libraries : ImGui for editor UI, GLFW for windowing & input handling, GLEW for openGL context creation and GLM for math.

Code Summarizer

Written in C#

This tool is basically a C# parser that in this particular implementation takes in a folder of C# scripts and outputs a folder of html files with a summary of what was in each C# file. Other tools similar to this exist but the product is actually the library that is capable of doing this, not the application itself.

This tool was really useful for me because I work a lot with C# code whether it be Unity projects or this application itself.

This is capable of having everything in your C# project shown in a clear and concise way.

A lot of options in terms of syntax highlighting is provided and well as custom HTML template support. You can have custom webpages show the resultant code summay.

Classes referenced from other files are automatically highlighted in other files as well making navigation from one class to another easy and efficient.

There are alot more features that I desperatly want to add, I hope to have a bug free and well written application up and running in the near future.

A third party library called Awesomium was used for web page display in the application.


Written in C#

A text editor with basic syntax highlighting and rudamentary auto-completion.
A lot more work is needed before it can be used in production environment.

Compute Shader Raytracer

Written in HLSL along with Unity3D backend

An example HLSL compute shader raytracer. Mostly for learning. 
Will probably end up raytracing more than just spheres but triangle meshes as well.